About Us


    About Our School

    ​Fireside is a neighborhood school serving the Louisville community. Our school is characterized by strong academic programs, coupled with a philosophy that encourages respect and celebrates the development of the whole child. With a rich multicultural population, Fireside serves families speaking 15 different languages. Points of pride include our talented and gifted program, English language development instruction, special education support and very strong music, physical education and art programs. Fireside has an experienced staff that welcomes our dedicated parent volunteers. As a result, we provide a first-class learning experience. This school also offers free and tuition preschool classes that have a focus on both academic and developmental learning standards.

    Program Characteristics

    ​​Fireside is a neighborhood school nestled in Louisville and home to 475 students. We enjoy an excellent reputation as a school with high academic expectations and one that holds as a core value the importance of developing the whole child. The Boulder Valley School District curriculum serves as our guide and provides students with a solid foundation from which to build for the future. We believe in challenging all students to do their best while acknowledging the unique needs of every child. We meet the needs of students through extension activities as well as through special programming efforts designed and implemented by teachers. We believe in the importance of well-rounded students and plan accordingly to meet the developmental, social, emotional and physical needs in addition to the child’s cognitive needs.

    With a rich multicultural population, we have families that speak more than 17 different languages at our school. One of our strengths is the partnership we have with parents, the university, and community and business organizations. As a result, we are able to provide a learning experience that reaches beyond the bounds of the school. In this way, students can more readily understand and navigate the world around them.


    ​Our mission for Fireside is to celebrate and challenge the unique potential in every child, value, honor and utilize individual differences, and to create an environment that promotes a community of learners and nurtures the natural curiosity and wonder within each of us.​