Mission & Vision

stock image large group sitting in circle with arms around each other
At Fireside Elementary School, our mission is to be an inclusive community that fosters a love of learning. ​While our mission is simple, there are several building blocks to make our mission come to life at Fireside and to provide the best education to meet the needs of every learner. 
By being inclusive we are committed to:
  • Healthy relationships and effective communication between all members of our community- this includes teacher-student, student-student, relationships among all staff, and parents as partners in learning.
  • Providing a caring environment where everyone is involved and respected within the school, including parents, staff and students.
  • Providing culturally responsive and inclusive teaching approaches to best meet unique needs of learners and celebrate the diversity of our learning community.
  • Developing internationally-minded students who seek out commonalities and appreciate differences between cultures, learning styles and backgrounds.
By fostering a love for learning we are committed to:
  • Establishing a positive and empathic learning environment where students are encouraged and empowered to take risks and excel at their level.
  • Honoring the unique and personalized learning differences of each student in order to empower them to reach their fullest potential and apply what they learned in authentic, innovative, meaningful ways.
  • Creating opportunities for critical thinking, inquiry, and igniting the curiosity and wonder in students.
  • Ensuring students are provided with a balance of academic, creative, physical and social-emotional learning experiences
  • Reflecting on our own professional growth and ongoing commitment as educators to learn and apply new practices to best support varied learning needs.