At Fireside Elementary our focus is to meet each child where they are and provide targeted literacy support to help them grow, take risks, and feel successful. Research has shown that students learn at different paces, sometimes requiring additional exposure to literacy through a variety of multisensory activities and therefore our literacy intervention provides small group instruction to complement and enhance the learning happening in the classroom.
Students participating in our literacy intervention groups are immersed in an Orton Gillingham approach that incorporates explicit structured instruction through multisensory activities in reading, writing, and spelling. Groups meet daily to explore and manipulate sounds, read authentic text, and write with purpose. As part of Fireside community culture we also take time to celebrate our individual learning styles and learn how to advocate for our needs.
Jaclyn Adley

Jaclyn Adley


I love teaching and working with children! Over the past 17 years I have taught 3rd, 4th and 5th grades as well as literacy intervention and place a strong emphasis on social emotional well-being and whole child education. As a life-long learner I hold a BS in Parks, Recreation and Outdoor Education for Northern Arizona University, an MS in Elementary Education from Lehman College in NYC, and regularly attend professional workshops. After beginning my teaching career in New York City public schools, I moved to the beautiful mountains of Colorado to live the dream! When I'm not teaching I enjoy hiking, skiing, baking, reading, eating, and playing with my two incredible girls and my dedicated husband Theo.