English Language Development (ELD)

    ​The English Language Development (ELD) Program supports children who are learning English. The goal of this program is to develop English language proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening for students with limited English proficiency. Classroom and ELD teachers collaborate to support student achievement and full access to the curriculum.


    Identification and Assessment 

    Students are identified for English language support based upon the BVSD Home Language Survey, which asks about a child’s home language background, and on an initial screening evaluation. Children who qualify are assessed annually with the Colorado ACCESS assessment to determine growth in reading, writing, speaking, and listening until they achieve full proficiency in English. Additionally, their progress is assessed and recorded on the ELDP (the English Language Development Profile) at the end of each trimester. As soon as the students do become fully proficient in all four areas of English, they are exited out of the program. 


    Puentes is Fireside’s support group for Spanish speaking parents at Fireside. The group meets once a month to discuss and learn about issues that come up for families as they try to negotiate the American school system and American culture. Also, the group contributes their time and ideas to Fireside’s PTO and community events.​