Kindergarten Enrichment

    Kindergarten Enrichment (KE) offers a fee-based licensed program to complement BVSD’s Kindergarten.  Your child can enjoy a full-day school experience with this fee-based program offering a creative, fun-filled and hands-on approach to learning!​​

    For more information see the BVSD Kindergarten Enrichment website.

    The Kindergarten Enrichment program at Fireside Elementary complements BVSD's half-day Kindergarten class.  This exciting program builds skills and confidence in thinking, planning and creative expression while also supporting many aspects of the Kindergarten curriculum.  Social skills and healthy friendships are strongly emphasized as well.

    Each week our Fireside KE program focuses on a specific theme relating to either the natural sciences, social studies, literacy, art, music, and more!  A weekly newsletter keeps families informed of the current theme, stories read, daily art projects, visits from outside speakers, unique experiments and class celebrations.  Whether your child is in the morning or afternoon regular Kindergarten class, this Kindergarten Enrichment program offers a seamless transition between the two classes as all Kindergartners share lunch and a mid-day recess.

    The Fireside Kindergarten Enrichment Specialist is Kim Contini.  She has a Colorado Teacher License for Elementary Education, a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, and more than twenty years of teaching experience.  Feel free to contact her with any questions at or (720) 561-7958.


    ​Weekly themes blend age appropriate academics with creative play that support the Kindergarten curriculum.  Guest speakers, science experiments, great literature, the support of social/life skills and more all combine to offer a hands-on and creative learning experience.



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