Fireside Ambassador Program

    The Fireside Ambassador Program is a new program at Fireside to provide support for all grade level families. The Ambassadors are here to help answer any questions that parents and families may have related to Fireside, the community, or the district. The Fireside Ambassador Program aims to:
    • Ensure that every child and family in the classroom is supported to negotiate the resources of the school and the community. 
    • Support access to extra-curricular activities within the school and externally in the community, including helping to find information and navigate funding. 
    • Be a source of ongoing support, information, and connections for new families to Fireside, International families, and Multi-lingual families. 
    • Build a more inclusive community.
    • Celebrate diversity at Fireside Elementary. 

    Please take a look at our Ambassador Program Guide.pdf, which contains information about the program, our community, and Fireside. 

    Also - please take a look at our list of SUMMER CAMP information. This list is always growing!

    For more information, please reach out to Gay Salim, Teacher - ESL, EL or Gillian Millar Ambassador Program Co-coordinator. 

    2017-18 Grade-Level Ambassadors 

    Gillian Millar
    Natalie Swetye​
    3rd Grade
    Carrie Sakai
    Jeannette Torrents
    Xavier Torrents​
    1st Grade
    Leah Sylvan
    4th Grade
    Jenn Hart
    Kristi Kremer ​
    2nd Grade
    Laura Meese
    5th Grade
    Tiffany Prough
    Ulana Bihun